Are you prepared for Hurricane Dorian?

DOLPHIN AIR is here with some great tips to HELP protect your AC unit from damage before, during, and after the storm.

#1: Unplug or Turn Off Electricity To Your AC

Doing this can protect your unit from power surges that come from lightning strikes or the electricity being turned back on. Furthermore, power surges can short out or burn internal electrical components including the motor.

#2: Protect The AC

Hurricanes and severe storms carry high winds which can in turn send damaging projectile towards your AC unit. Use a tarp or plywood to cover the unit and bring in outdoor furniture, pool accessories, and lawn ornaments or secure them in place.

#3: Secure & Elevate

Secure the AC unit with hurricane or condenser straps to prevent it from moving during the storm. If possible, have the unit moved to a higher platform or elevation in case of flooding.

#4: Have DOLPHIN AIR Inspect Your AC After The Storm

If you suspect the unit has been damaged, or you’d like to just be on the safe side before turning the unit back on, call DOLPHIN AIR 941-355-2171 after the storm for an inspection. Our professional technicians will assess the unit and give you all necessary information about its condition, along with any repairs that may be needed.

Stay SAFE this Labor Day Weekend!!

“If you want to see the sunshine you

have to weather the storm” Frank Lane

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